Statement of intent

VP industries Group Code of Conduct.

- Statement of intent -

The combined activities of VP industries is dedicated to the development and consolidation of sustainable business.

It is always the strong intention of VP industries to pursue this dedication with due respect for the people we employ, the people and companies we decide to cooperate with, and the societies and environments in which we operate.

To guide and govern our activities we have defined a set of generic rules. These rules apply to all of our internal activities, and where applicable also extend to the suppliers we cooperate with.

We refer to this set of rules as the VP industries Code of Conduct, (the VPi Code).

Acknowledging the fact that VP industries are established in different regions of the world, we also understand and respect that different societies represent different levels of awareness and protection of people and resources.

The VPi Code supports our global representatives and partners in maintaining integrity in their decisions. It also gives them a framework to continuously guide activities of improvement


Steen B. Gildenpfennig,


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