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VP legal ownership 

VP industries is a corporate brand name identity for the group of Danish industrial manufacturing
companies comprising of: Vestas aircoil A/S and Pipecon A/S, both with their individual CVR numbers:

Vestas aircoil A/S: CVR: 18388545

Vestas aircoil (UK) Ltd: 06386259.

Vestas aircoil Cooling Technology Co. Ltd:

VP Industries Rumania S.r.l:

VP industries has no individual CVR number.

The umbrella brand identity of VP industries brings together the cultures of Vestas aircoil A/S and its divisions to form a single united group with consolidated goals and values. While operating as part of the VP industries corporate structure, each company retains its authority to enter into contractual agreements and conduct business at its own discretion.

VP industries provides the framework for future expansion and further utilization of the already established production facilities in Denmark, China, and Romania. Joint investment and development strategies, dictated by the corporate VP industries organisation, serve to ensure that scale-production benefits are utilised fully and that corporate service departments such as finance and supply chain function seamlessly across the group structure.

VP Industries subsidiaries
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